Security Services

Brosnan’s Smart Security Solutions (BSSS) is a patented comprehensive security solution that combines state-of-the-art technologies, security best practices, robust intelligence gathering and communications, and trained personnel with decades of law enforcement and military intelligence experience to deliver vital information and guidance to security teams “on scene” who need it most...and need it fast.


Background Screening

Brosnan® has conducted background screening services for financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies and national retail outlets since 1996. Brosnan’s background screening reports are accurate, timely and cost-effective. Brosnan’s research analysts meticulously analyze open source and public and proprietary information sources to produce an investigative report.



Brosnan® has a multi-disciplinary team of Institutional experts that employ an “all hazards” approach to security and protect client assets with the greatest return on investment for enhanced security initiatives and expenditures.



Brosnan® provides clients with professional investigative services to help them mitigate problems, whether potential reputational harm, litigation distress or any of a range of other problematic scenarios.


Technical Services

Brosnan®️ delivers innovative security solutions by combining industry best practices, technology & training. We provide a one-stop-shop for assessing risk, developing a custom security solution using various technology tools & systems and implementing that solution to mitigate the rapidly expanding threat of cyber attacks.

Retail Loss Prevention

Brosnan® believes that a strong, solid loss prevention program is a critical component of a company’s success. Our cost-effective, results driven programs have changed the way companies view the loss prevention function. Brosnan’s national team of professionals provide training, audits, incident resolution, analysis and consultation services to locations all around the country. Brosnan’s diverse experience in retail, grocery, restaurant, pharmacy, and distribution allows us to apply our broad knowledge and understanding to ensure our clients’ loss reduction success.

Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery

The Mobile Command Centers (MCCs) were a critical element of Brosnan’s Emergency Response deployment before, during, and after Hurricane Florence. The MCCs’ technicians were able to receive and assess real time data and transmit intel to clients and our security officers in the field.