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Brosnan Security® Officers are consistently ranked as the best in the industry. 

Before acceptance into the Brosnan University™ training program, potential security recruits undergo a rigorous background check. Upon completion of the program, new security officers are assigned to posts based on experience, location-specific training and client requirements.

Whether you require a Personal Armed Bodyguard to escort you to your next high profile event or a highly trained Security Guard Team to protect your commercial property, we have you covered and can configure our advanced security teams and systems to meet your specific needs. All of our Security Guards are licensed in the states they do business in and trained in first aid and CPR.

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Theft, operational errors and vendor fraud cost U.S. retailers approximately $61.7 billion per year. Brosnan provides full service, customized loss prevention programs to help retailers and warehousing facilities minimize loss.

Brosnan's team of professionals provide training, audits, incident resolution, analysis and consultation services to retail, grocery, restaurant, pharmacy and distribution centers nationwide.  Brosnan’s institutional knowledge ensures that clients stay ahead of evolving criminal processes used to commit enterprise fraud and larceny.


To properly anticipate and manage an emergency or disaster response, clients need a field-tested partner that can provide detailed risk assessments, proactive security technologies, experienced security personnel and real-time intelligence. Brosnan️'s team of disaster response specialists prepare and implement emergency action plans for terrorism, natural or manmade disasters, social unrest, riots, active shooters, disease outbreaks and other threat events. 

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COVID-19 has been a harsh reminder that some of the greatest threats we face cannot be immediately resolved. Mitigating these threats requires changes in social behavior and implementation of enhanced safety protocols. Achieving that goal requires specialists that only Brosnan can provide. Brosnan’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is led by former CIA and military infectious disease experts. Using guidance established in part by the Centers for Disease Control, Brosnan has created screening and security protocols that ensure employee and customer compliance with your company’s safety policies, including any federal, state and local laws.


Brosnan Consulting and Risk Advisory Services include safety and security risk assessments to determine your current risk profile and to identify key threats and capability gaps. In addition to providing risk assessments for Fortune 500 companies and large financial institutions, Brosnan has a long history of consulting with municipalities, police departments, educational and religious institutions, and public safety and security departments. 

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Brosnan️’s Strategic Response Teams (BSRT) can supplement your existing security program. The BSRT program is composed of elite teams of off-duty or former law enforcement professionals available for rapid deployment during heightened or critical threat events. BSRT personnel have a minimum of ten years of law enforcement experience and have completed Brosnan University™ enhanced training in crowd control and de-escalation techniques.


Brosnan’s Construction-to-Occupancy Security Program (C2O) is the security industry’s only comprehensive security solution for commercial construction projects.  The program begins with a security assessment of the construction site and recommendations for a layered security program that evolves and progresses as the site evolves and progresses.  This innovative program is the industry’s only full circle, end-to-end solution that ensures continuity from the time the first shovel breaks ground until the day that the new property's tenants occupy their spaces.


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