Brosnan Risk Consultants, Ltd. is a full-service protective, investigative and intelligence firm to a global network of clients.

Brosnan Risk Consultants, LTD. (Brosnan) is a full-service security and investigative firm serving global brands in all sectors. Brosnan works in complex, high threat and emerging markets, providing risk mitigation services when and where they are needed most. Its security and risk team of professionals deliver flexible, discreet and best-in-class protective services to secure clients’ employees, assets and reputation. Founded in 1996 by Patrick J. Brosnan, Brosnan Risk Consultants, LTD. is the largest privately-held provider of technology-driven security services. Brosnan’s patented Smart Security Solutions integrate law enforcement, military, security professionals and IT personnel with leading-edge technology and data to provide best-in-class security solutions.

Brosnan’s state-of-the-art 24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) provides Command, Control, Communication and Coordination of resources, vehicles and security professionals nationwide. A security industry innovator for over 25 years, Brosnan has redefined security to identify, create and deploy solutions that address vulnerabilities before they become threats. Brosnan️’s transformation of the traditional labor-based security model to a technology-driven solution has provided our clients safer and more secure environments for their employees, customers and assets.

Headquartered in Pearl River, New York, Brosnan services include premises security services, risk assessment, incident response, training, investigations, compliance, background screening, Command Center Operations and Continuity of Operations platforms and staff augmentation. Brosnan has built robust capabilities in protecting property, people and processes by reducing organizational risk and leveraging technology as a competitive advantage.


Data is critical. Professionalism is paramount. Brosnan’s mission is simple: Provide the most advanced security solutions to protect your world. From multinational retail and financial institutions to small businesses and individuals, Brosnan protects what is important to you.

Brosnan’s custom-tailored solutions address the unique needs of every client. Brosnan analysts monitor and analyze video, vehicle telemetry, personnel activity, field reports and electronic data-gathering systems to provide scalable and economical solutions for all potential security vulnerabilities.

Brosnan understands that threats are ever-changing; therefore, the solutions designed to address them must not simply adapt but must also anticipate and prepare actionable plans for future threats. Whether it's COVID-19, civil unrest or terrorism, Brosnan executives, senior management, analysts and field personnel are uniquely positioned to evaluate and respond to all security threats. Brosnan executive and senior operations personnel have honed their skills through years of hands-on experience in the FBI, CIA, military and law enforcement. Beyond tactical and strategic knowledge, their continued relationships with these organizations provide clients with accurate and timely information and intelligence.

CEO and Founder Patrick Brosnan, son Patrick Brosnan Jr., District Manager, and
daughter Kacey Brosnan, SVP Marketing
CEO and Founder Patrick Brosnan, son Patrick Brosnan Jr., District Manager, and daughter Kacey Brosnan, SVP Marketing

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