Brosnan Risk Consultants, Ltd. is a full-service protective, investigative and intelligence firm to a global network of clients.

Brosnan Risk Consultants, Ltd. (BRC) is a security risk management firm focusing on physical security, emergency security, disaster preparedness and recovery and management consulting, in the private and public sectors. Founded in 1996 by Patrick J. Brosnan, Brosnan Risk Consultants, Ltd. is a full-service protective, investigative and intelligence firm to a global network of clients. Headquartered in New York with branch locations in multiple states, Brosnan is one of the largest privately-held providers of technology-driven security services.

Brosnan focuses on leveraging manpower, data and technology to deploy Smart Security Solutions for our customers. These solutions include the Brosnan Command Center® which offers 24/7 command, control, communication and coordination of thousands of security professionals nationwide.

For almost 25 years, Brosnan® has evolved as risk has evolved by providing security solutions that not only help protect against threats, but identify and mitigate issues before they become a threat.

Brosnan’s shift from the historical delivery of labor-based security to technology-infused risk mitigation solutions have provided a safer and more secure environment for our clients. Our unwavering commitment to identify, test and pilot innovative best-in-class security technologies has redefined our service delivery. Over its history, Brosnan® has consistently seized opportunities to meet changing client needs.

We are headquartered in Pearl River, New York, operating in 46 states and select US Territories. Our services include; premises security services, risk assessment, incident response, training, investigations, compliance, background screening, Command Center Operations and Continuity of Operations platforms and staff augmentation. We have built robust capability in protecting property, people and processes. We reduce organizational risk and leverage technology as a competitive advantage. We recognize the interrelatedness of the physical and cyber domains.

As these two domains progressively overlap in function and risk, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide services that span systemic requirements. Our company leadership consists of executives who have successfully operated in international, national, regional, state, and municipal law enforcement, as well as corporate security organizations. They have committed their professional lives to the security of our American citizenry. BRC brings together an All-Star Team of subject matter experts under a single umbrella. Our people have held responsibility for some of the United States’ most sensitive infrastructure, including the development and execution of cutting edge programs to advance and protect it. BRC’s results have positively reverberated throughout an interconnected, international world.

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