Brosnan’s Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) is an integral part of our Smart Security Solutions, assisting with and sustaining the totality of service delivery and operations. The GSOC consists of three mutually supporting components: The Brosnan Command Center (BCC), Brosnan Intelligence Group (BIG) and Brosnan Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Integrating cutting-edge technology and insightful analytics, the GSOC provides both strategic and tactical situational awareness, real-time crisis management and thoughtful risk mitigation. It also provides advanced 24/7/365 monitoring capabilities, allowing for more rapid and informed decisions regarding the integrity of client assets, safety of employees and customers, performance metrics and operational continuity. In an uncertain world, the Brosnan GSOC offers a customized solution to each client’s unique requirements and needs.

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The 24/7 Brosnan Command Center (BCC) in New York is the nerve center of the GSOC. It is the tactical differentiator which monitors, collects, analyzes and disseminates data from multiple sources to on-site personnel, ensuring client assets and property are effectively secured. Real time events including crime, terrorism, gun violence, fire, social unrest, health, and other factors which could impact client business operations are instantly transmitted to the geo-tracked phones and vehicles of Brosnan Security Officers in the field. Brosnan’s patented technology also captures performance metrics for client review.


Housed within the Situation Room at Brosnan headquarters and staffed with seasoned and experienced collection managers, intelligence analysts, investigators and specialists, the Brosnan Intelligence Group provides clients with a strategic view on what potential threat vectors are looming ‘over the horizon.’ Utilizing sophisticated technology, open source tools, human intelligence networks and strategic associations, Brosnan analysts assess information daily on geopolitical situations, weather events, crime and terrorism trends, social unrest, random acts of violence, and health and safety updates. The information is then synthesized into a relevant and timely intelligence update for clients. The BIG closes the strategic intelligence gap for our clients.

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When calamity strikes, companies often need a field-tested and responsive partner with a suite of capabilities designed to restore business continuity. This is where Brosnan’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) excels. Whether it is an active shooter, social unrest, or a range of other scenarios, Brosnan’s EOC is there to help.

Led by experienced crisis managers and emergency deployment specialists with decades of experience, and supported by both the Brosnan Command Center and Brosnan Intelligence Group, Brosnan’s Emergency Operations Center can deploy teams of security specialists to anywhere in the country within 24 hours. When times are at their worst, Brosnan’s Emergency Operations Center is at its best.  

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