As America recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, your business will need support. Brosnan® and its state-of-the-art 24/7 command center is ready to help. With a proven track record in crisis management and response, we are here to assist you in returning to a safe work environment.

COVID-19 has been a harsh reminder that some of the greatest threats we face cannot be immediately resolved. Mitigating these threats requires changes in social behavior and implementation of enhanced safety protocols. Achieving that goal requires specialists that only Brosnan can provide. Brosnan’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is led by former CIA and Military Infectious Disease experts. Using guidance established in part by the Centers for Disease Control, Brosnan has created screening and security protocols that ensure employee and customer compliance with your company’s safety policies including any federal, state, and local laws.


Brosnan Social Distancing Officer™

Brosnan Temperature Screening Officer™

Brosnan Elevator Control Officer™

Brosnan has partnered with a former White House Physician and his team of medical experts to implement and oversee protocols to ensure best practices, and Federal and State regulatory compliance. The officers are uniquely trained to perform each function and receive a certificate upon completion. The combination of training, technology, data analysis and subject matter experts differentiates Brosnan COVID-19 Response Officers. 

Our new line of officers joins a plethora of other service offerings that, combined, make up our Brosnan Smart Security Solutions®️. Our highly trained officers work in tandem with Brosnan Command Center®️ analysts and patented technology that instantly alerts our officers to relevant events including: active shooters, terrorist events, major crimes, public protests, suspicious packages and fires, floods and other developing incidents.


Responsibilities include: Monitor the number of people that enter the building. Cordially inform individuals and note social distancing violations. Count number of people who decide to leave due to the wait

Required Training: Crowd Management Training: Includes property capacity knowledge and social distancing monitoring, notification and enhanced escalation avoidance techniques.


Responsibilities include: Monitor fixed thermal temperature scanning systems and/or perform manual screens with handheld devices. Advance visitors to secondary screening or allow passage. The Brosnan Thermal Screening Officer will also document the total number of visitors screened.

Required Training:
Thermal Screening Training: Brosnan Thermal Screening Officers are trained in safe PPE usage and best practices for interaction with screening subjects. This includes technical proficiency in the use of thermal imaging and approved health condition devices.

Brosnan Temp Screening Stills 01_1.27.1


Responsibilities include: Monitor the number of people that are permitted in elevators and control the flow of visitors. Cordially inform individuals and note social distancing violations. Coordinate with elevator operators and facility managers on operating procedures.


Required Training: Mechanical Transportation Training: These individuals have been trained in partnership with elevator and escalator companies and building codes related to movement in building stairwells. These officers will also control the flow of visitors to their desired elevator, escalator or stairwell based on safe procedures established for each location.

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