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Brosnan® Security Officers are consistently ranked as the best in the security business. Our security officers are closely vetted, trained, and assigned to specific sectors to ensure both client/vendor chemistry, and a seamless integration of best-in-class service. Whether our clients conduct business internationally, or just around the corner, they count on the resources we provide. If you need one officer or a team of officers, for long term or short term assignments, we can help you create the solution that best fits your security needs and budget. Brosnan® is structured to provide security expertise for specialized markets as well as multiple security solutions utilizing people, technology and knowledge.


How is Brosnan® Different?

Patented Brosnan Smart Security Solutions® (BSSS) 

Unparalleled Agility and Responsiveness 

Seasoned and Diverse Team 

Global Law Enforcement Network 

Customized Data Driven Approach

Financial Institutions

The security needs of financial institutions are complex - facilities, people, operations and customer information - all need to be protected. Our teams can help maintain high-levels of safety, security, customer service and building management with our results-driven approach to your security program. At Brosnan® we understand the unique needs of banking and financial service facilities. We tailor our security program to address these needs through the posting of highly-trained security personnel who deter, detect and mitigate risk on-site.

Commercial and Residential

Brosnan® has earned the respect of property managers throughout the area by handling the security needs of many of the largest and most prestigious property management firms. Our security officers receive extensive hospitality, concierge and customer service training.

Retail and Shopping Centers

Whether you are a small retail store, or large retail chain, Brosnan® will provide solutions. Shopping centers and malls have unique challenges that must be taken into consideration when designing an effective shopping center security strategy. Brosnan's commitment to veteran hiring, specialized training, SmartTruck deployment and a 24/7 best-in-breed Operations Center that controls all aspects of the security program, sets Brosnan® far apart from the competition.

Concierge Services

At commercial facilities, Brosnan® provides officers trained to handle access control, cctv monitoring, bomb threats, power failures, evacuation procedures and any unforeseen emergencies. Brosnan® currently provides security services for most of the prestigious addresses in the country.


Brosnan® will create a custom security program that utilizes security officers, digital badging, IP cameras and includes other risk mitigation technologies to ensure a safe and secure environment. All control points and entry locations, during business hours, and after hours, are closely monitored by the 24/7 Brosnan Command Center®.

Universities and Colleges

Brosnan® understands the unique security concerns of colleges and universities in today's unstable global landscape. Our security personnel are helpful, professional and responsive to both student and faculty needs. In addition, Brosnan's campus security officers receive specific training, and periodic drilling, to mitigate active-shooter scenarios and other on-site incidents.

Residential Communities

At Brosnan®, we have broad expertise in the provision of security officers at residential locations. We match security officers to your residential community's specific needs through a thoughtful vetting and assignment process to ensure on-site chemistry of personnel and delivery of outstanding customer service.


Brosnan SmartTrucks™

The Brosnan SmartTrucks™ fleet of Dodge Ram 1500s is changing the face of mobile security today. These three-ton SmartTrucks embody aggressive, proactive and innovative mobile security patrol. As part of our Brosnan Smart Security Solutions formula, each truck is staffed by a Brosnan security officer who has been specifically trained on the safe, effective and efficient operation of the vehicle.  The SmartTrucks are custom designed with tools to effectively deter crime and are managed in real time by the Brosnan Command Center®️, which views and captures field operations and coordinates field response


Brosnan Mobile Command Center™

The 24/7 Brosnan Mobile Command Center™ is an integral part of the Brosnan Smart Security Solutions® Program. A central element of this mobile best-in-class Command, Control, Communication and Coordination business hub is the provision of situational awareness to Brosnan\'s security professionals worldwide. Mobile Command Center (MCC) technicians collect, analyze and disseminate data, from numerous sources, to all our Security Officers in the field. The swift dissemination of actionable intelligence enables the security officers to make smarter decisions, and to make those decisions faster.

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