Brosnan® helps companies build comprehensive and proactive loss prevention programs that deliver results.

Theft, operational errors and vendor fraud cost U.S. retailers approximately $61.7 billion per year. Brosnan provides full service, customized loss prevention programs to help retailers and warehousing facilities minimize loss.

Brosnan's team of professionals provide training, audits, incident resolution, analysis and consultation services to retail, grocery, restaurant, pharmacy and distribution centers nationwide.  Brosnan’s institutional knowledge ensures that clients stay ahead of evolving criminal processes used to commit enterprise fraud and larceny.


Employee Awareness


Even the best of programs can and will fail without trained employees executing the plan and company mission. Brosnan Retail Loss Prevention training programs help to strengthen the skills of employees at all levels of the organization and educate them on their specific role in the protection of company assets — including the direct connection between their role and the profitability of the organization.

New Employee Training

Management Training

Senior Leadership Training (District/Regional/Director)

Quarterly/Yearly Training Following the Release of Physical Inventory Results

Custom Training to Address Specific Business Threats


Monthly company Loss Prevention Newsletters are an important and cost-effective tool for engaging employees at all levels of the organization. In addition to bolstering employee engagement, the Loss Prevention Newsletter provides employees a consistent line-of-sight across the organization, informs the team on important changes to policy and seasonal goals, and serves as an invaluable form of recognition for team members who exceed expectations and performance in their roles in supporting the organization’s Loss Prevention efforts.

Inventory Meetings

While Pre-Physical Inventory meetings generally fall under the heading of “training,” these are highly specific in scope. The goal of these meetings is to ensure the accurate execution of Physical Inventory (PI) Preparation and of the actual count on the day of the PI process. Brosnan Retail Loss Prevention consultants are also available for auditing the PI process conducted by company employees or vendors contracted to perform the count.

KPI Analysis

Our Retail Loss Prevention leadership and analyst team perform timely KPI analysis to measure effectiveness and efficiency of Loss Prevention tactics, identify trends, business threats, and over time even create reporting to identify leading indicators of future performance.


Brosnan Retail Loss Prevention experts support your organization through the process of creating or strengthening current Loss Prevention and Operational Policies to support the company mission while limiting liability and business threats to the organization.


Loss Prevention Policies


Operations Policies

Internal Theft

Our seasoned Retail Loss Prevention consultants perform sensitive investigations at all levels, from simple cash theft at the POS to complex fraud cases involving members of senior management and everything in between.



Our team of Retail Loss Prevention consultants are highly experienced in performing sensitive investigations at all levels, from simple cash theft at the POS, to highly complex fraud cases involving members of senior management and everything in between.



Once an investigation reaches the resolution phase, our clients have complete control over how to proceed with the responsible parties. Our consultants work seamlessly with Human Resources, Legal and any other members of our client’s leadership team.


Post Incident Recap & Training for Leadership

Our team holds recap meetings with our client’s leadership team to educate them on case learnings and create, if necessary, new systems or policies to mitigate similar threats in the future.

Audits / Store Visits

Our experts design fully customized Loss Prevention and Operational Audits to support, measure and reinforce Loss Prevention tactics in use. All store visits and audits include a full recap of results delivered to the store leadership team and senior company leadership. Brosnan Retail Loss Prevention consultants also assist in the creation of action plans to address opportunities identified during the audit.

Employee Background Screening

Brosnan has conducted background screening services for financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies and national retail outlets since 1996. Brosnan's background screening reports are accurate, timely and cost-effective. Brosnan’s research analysts meticulously analyze open source, public and proprietary information sources to produce an investigative report.

High-Risk Stores Programs

Creation, Development, and Measurements

People and processes vary from location to location. As a result, not all environments experience the same level of performance. When inventory losses and profitability fall outside of company expectations, the Brosnan Retail Loss Prevention team can create a High-Risk Stores Program (HRSP), sometimes referred to as a Target Store Program, within the Loss Prevention Program already implemented in the organization. The High-Risk Stores Program is a highly prescriptive approach to addressing specific threats and performance issues that lead to higher losses and negative impacts on profitability.

The process of creating an HRSP begins with a comprehensive analysis of KPIs, along with lagging and leading indicators, to identify the appropriate number of stores and specific locations which should be part of the HRSP. Once all analysis is complete, we present our client with a list of stores to participate in the program, which typically lasts one full year or business cycle. Key measurements are taken throughout the year to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and make any necessary adjustments. It has been our experience that all HRSP stores outperform non-HRSP stores for every single business cycle. In many cases, there is also a direct correlation with the performance of peripheral results like sales increases, reduction in turnover, etc.

Organized Retail Crime (ORC)

While assessing the impact of ORC on the retail industry has traditionally been a very difficult task, the FBI estimates that U.S. retail losses from ORC thefts are in excess of $30 billion per year. The Brosnan Retail Loss Prevention team takes a comprehensive approach to addressing ORC concerns at our client’s locations. We have the resources to get the most out of our consultants’ expertise in this type of business threat.

Brosnan ORC Theft Prevention & Resolution Resources.


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