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Brosnan differentiates itself from the competition through innovative technology solutions combined with a seasoned team of legal, investigative, forensic and intelligence expertise. Our 24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), combined with multidisciplinary subject matter experts, produce results that clients rely on to protect their reputation and integrity.

Incidents of fraud can cause major disruption to businesses and have a lasting impact on profit, performance, and reputation. Our fraud investigations are tailored to the needs of the client.

We help companies involved in construction and engineering projects determine the extent to which they might have experienced over-billing, whether as a result of fraud, mismanagement, or other causes. Projects provide the potential for financial fraud associated with vendors, contractors, and supply chain agents. We find the facts that matter and deliver actionable intelligence.

Internal investigations have a variety of triggers, and the underlying topics include potential fraud, bribery and corruption, data leakage, and anti-competitive behavior, to name a few. The common objective is to determine whether employee misconduct has taken place.

Brosnan specializes in helping clients identify, trace, and recover assets around the globe. Our asset tracing pursuits run the gamut: from funds shielded through complex corporate structures, to embezzled assets of former heads of state, to millions or billions misappropriated by schemers.

Regardless of the type of investment or business decision—when money, time, reputation, or safety is on the line—due diligence is not a perfunctory exercise to be checked off quickly. Companies and individuals regularly engage Brosnan investigators and business intelligence specialists for due diligence solutions that enable informed decisions on value vs. risk.

It is critical for companies to take the appropriate steps when protecting their brands, reputations, and intellectual property against such persistent threats as counterfeiting, grey market diversion, and illicit trade; misappropriation by employees, business associates, or competitors; global piracy; and hacking.

Whether an organization is evaluating an opportunity to expand or transform its business, navigating a complex high-stakes dispute, or facing a threat from an adversary, having actionable intelligence and a trusted advisor can make the difference between success and failure.

Brosnan provides a portfolio of services to private family clients including due diligence assessments for staff and business partners, as well as confidential investigative resources addressing breach of trust and f raud matters. Brosnan deploys forensic accountants for purposes of asset tracing and recovery.

The Brosnan investigative team successfully built a case against a conspiracy amongst doctors, lawyers, and Medicare clinics involving the submission of bogus personal injury claims and enhanced medical services billing fraud. The case was referred for criminal prosecution.

The Brosnan investigative team has collaborated with the insurance industry and law enforcement to build cases for criminal prosecution involving large-scale auto theft and false billing schemes, leveraging patented investigative tools including dark web search capabilities.

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Incidents of fraud can cause major disruption to businesses and have a lasting impact on profit, performance, and reputation. Our fraud investigations are tailored to the needs of the client. Our global teams of experts—with credentials in finance and accounting, intelligence, cyber-crime, law, and law enforcement — are supported by technology and data analysis tools to conduct deep inquiries into questions of large-scale fraud and misconduct. We offer an unmatched depth of experience in highly complex, multijurisdictional fraud investigations. We help clients understand the circumstances, weigh their options for remediation, assess the damage and recover from it, and prevent similar incidents from happening again. 


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