We develop comprehensive safety and security plans to protect every important element of your business.

Brosnan Consulting and Risk Advisory Services include safety and security risk assessments to determine your current risk profile and to identify key threats and capability gaps. In addition to providing risk assessments for Fortune 500 companies and large financial institutions, Brosnan has a long history of consulting with municipalities, police departments, educational and religious institutions, and public safety and security departments. 

Risk Assessments and Training


Security and Threat Assessments

We perform extensive safety and security risk assessments for our clients across all industries. These engagements include an assessment of the current risk profile, identification of key threats and capability gaps, and overall recommendations to mitigate risks.

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Training Evalutions

Brosnan® provides training evaluations and best practices policy and procedural reviews to police departments, university public safety and security departments, and school safety agencies.

Active Shooter Preparedness Program

We provide defensive planning strategies that outline cost-effective ways to harden facilities against this threat. We also develop online training programs and conduct site-specific tabletop exercises for employees, staff and security personnel in order to minimize risk, enhance preparedness and maximize safety inside work environments. We conduct a detailed analysis of your floor plan as well as your cameras, alarms and related technology.

Brosnan Risk Consultants and Gaffco Ballistics

Gaffco Ballistics designs, manufactures and installs blast, ballistic and forced entry resistant structures and systems to assure the safety, security and protection of clients. They have designed bullet and blast-proof systems for residential saferooms, government installations, banking facilities, medical institutions, corporate offices and monetary distribution centers.

Using these systems, Brosnan is able to mitigate the highest threat levels without compromising interior or exterior design, blending seamlessly into the surrounding architecture through implementation of quality materials.


Counter-Terrorism Assessments

We perform an independent and confidential assessment of a facility’s vulnerability to terrorist attacks for both public and private entities. Security reviews are implemented to review current physical security systems and security response procedures with recommendations to harden buildings and facilities to protect employees and property against terrorist attacks.


Corporate Counterintelligence Assessments

Our risk mitigation approach for industrial espionage and information theft addresses frequently ‘at risk’ areas.

Intellectual property

Trade Secrets

Formulas and Processes

Pricing Strategies

Industry Sources

Client Information

Confidential Information


Personnel records



Reports and Research

The conduits that allow this critical information to flow are seemingly mundane: loose lips, disgruntled employees, discarded documents, trade shows, friendships and opportunists. We help our clients identify their vulnerabilities, stem the flow of sensitive business data and implement policies that will minimize future hostile intrusions.

Smart School Safety

Our STOP solution (School Threat Obstruction Plan) provides a customizable out-of-the-box solution to help our clients mitigate an active shooter threat to educational institutions. Our solution includes innovative technologies and related capabilities, including:


Helps identify suspicious or criminal behavior and pinpoint intruder location


Identifies gunshots or breaking glass and automatically triggers an audible alarm


Uses door locking systems to isolate and contain an intruder


Unarmed school safety officers specifically trained in Active Shooter response procedures


Monitors the overall smart system

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