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Brosnan Smart Security Solutions®️ uses proprietary patented technology to provide a comprehensive security solution that combines state-of-the-art technologies, security best practices, robust intelligence gathering and communications, and trained personnel with decades of law enforcement and military intelligence experience to deliver vital information and guidance to security teams \"on scene\" who need it most...and need it fast.

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Brosnan Command Center®️

The Brosnan Command Center®️ proactively monitors thousands of camera images with cutting-edge video analytics and seamlessly provides command, control, communications and coordination to our \"boots on the ground\" ... 24/7/365

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Brosnan Command Center®

The Brosnan Command Center® collects, analyzes and disseminates data from numerous sources to on-site teams. Command Center analysts utilize powerful cutting-edge technology to instantly analyze thousands of streams of public data, including social media and multiple sources for tracking police, fire and ambulance transmissions. Alerts are instantly transmitted from our analysts to the phones of Security Officers in the field. This information informs the \"boots on the ground\" and ensures client assets and property are effectively secured.

Actionable Intelligence


Real Time Intelligence

The Brosnan Command Center® utilizes powerful cutting-edge technology to instantly analyze thousands of streams of public data including social media and multiple sources for tracking police, fire and ambulance transmissions. Command Center analysts instantly transmit alerts to the phones of Brosnan Security® Officers in the field. Alerts provide actionable intelligence on relevant events including the following: active shooters, terrorist events, major crimes, public protests, suspicious packages and fires, floods and other developing incidents.

Brosnan Mobile Command Center™


Key Features

Satellite Wi-Fi
Generator Power
Video Wall
Satellite Phones
Garmin GPS Units
Solar Powered
Connected Wi-Fi Devices

Timely Intelligence Dissemination

A central element of this mobile best-in-class Command, Control, Communication and Coordination business hub is the provision of situational awareness to security professionals nationally and globally. The Brosnan Mobile Command Center™ technicians collect, analyze and disseminate data, from numerous sources, to all our security officers in the field. The swift dissemination of actionable intelligence enables the security officers to make smarter decisions, and to make those decisions faster.


Data Exchange with Government Agencies

The Brosnan Mobile Command Center™ allows our analysts to transmit and receive relevant data from government agencies to ensure real-time situational awareness. The on-site validation, and fusion, of intelligence is vital to affirming its accuracy. For example, the Brosnan Mobile Command Center™ exchanged data daily with the Puerto Rico Department of Public Safety, the OEM, FEMA and the Army Corp of Engineers during Hurricane Maria.


Multiple overt IP cameras are mounted on the vehicle to deter criminal behavior, view and capture field operations, and coordinate field response. Images can be viewed in real time in the Brosnan Command Center® and can be archived as per client instructions.


Connectivity & Capabilities

The Brosnan Mobile Command Center™ federates with all SaaS based dashboards, portals and proprietary resources utilized in their National Command Center, ensuring seamless capture of data in the field.

Field Command Center

The Brosnan Mobile Command Center™ has a functional conference area to host coordination meetings for effective critical incident management.

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