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Tired of a mundane job, leading nowhere, that leaves you unfulfilled?

Do you like to help others?
Do you want your job search to be for a real career?
Have you always been interested in law enforcement?
Are you looking for a career you can have pride in that others respect?
Are you tired of jobs that have no real career advancement opportunities?

The road to finding a career vs. simply a job can be exhausting and challenging.

Being stuck in a dead-end job leaves you frustrated and anxious.

Don't let fear of qualifications hold you back from joining an elite team of global security professionals.

Brosnan offers a path to a fulfilling career in the security industry.

Brosnan® has extensive experience providing professional security services all over the United States including commercial buildings, residential properties, construction sites, banks, warehouses, retail stores, and schools.

A real career- not just a job

Brosnan offers defined career paths where you can grow and thrive with the company.

A supportive team to help you!

At Brosnan we are with you from day one and at each step of your career - providing processes and assistance to give you the highest chance for success.

Answer your inner drive to serve

If you have a background in law enforcement or have always had a desire to serve and protect- we offer you a chance for a career you can take pride in.

Full benefits and competitive pay

At Brosnan we offer great benefits, flexible hours, and pay that is competitive across the industry.


At Brosnan we understand how challenging a job search can be.

Brosnan is the largest privately-held security services company in the US, representing the cutting edge of the global security industry. We have a plan for you!

We’re with you every step of the way:

  • Most of our successful employees were right where you were!
  • With Brosnan they found a supportive environment that helped them get the information and qualifications they needed to achieve the career they want

Join an Elite Team

  • Brosnan security personnel represent the top of the industry.
  • Our employees have access to the latest technology to maximize their job success
  • With executive team members from some of the highest levels of law enforcement (NYPD, FBI, CIA), you will be part of a team that will help you achieve your dream career.

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We value our employees and clients above all else, and we pride ourselves on promoting a positive and professional work environment.

At Brosnan we understand how challenging a job search can be.


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