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Welcome to Brosnan Innovation Lab

The Brosnan️ Innovation Lab™ was initially created to evaluate security-related hardware and software technology solutions for effectiveness, vulnerabilities and deployment feasibility for clients.  As the Innovation Lab matured, our engineers began to design, and create, proprietary systems and hardware to address voids in the current market.  


Patented Brosnan Smart Security Solutions® (BSSS)

Seasoned and Diverse Team (Law Enforcement, Military, Professional Services)

Customized Data Driven Approach (Measure value based on unique client/location risk profiles)

Global Law Enforcement Network

24/7 Brosnan Command Center

Brosnan Mobile Command Center

Brosnan Smart Trucks

Brosnan Drones


Patrick J. Brosnan

This revolutionary technology has proven itself in numerous scenarios in its first few weeks of use. Considering the varied threats we face from criminals, hostile nation-states, terrorists and rogue shooters, the ability to visually and electronically 'sense' every event and pattern in any physical environment has vast potential to secure businesses, venues and any type of public or private site and make America safe again.

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