Brosnan® provides clients with professional investigative services to help them manage and mitigate problems, whether potential reputational harm, litigation distress, or any of a range of other problematic scenarios.

Investigative Services
Brosnan® offers a wide-range of services for today’s real world problems. From the corporate sector to the private citizen we provide a spectrum of specialized investigative services, extensive industry experience and proven risk management strategies to assist each client in their decision-making process. Our Investigative teams and administrative support staff work closely with each client to ensure optimal results.
Our Corporate Services Include:
Competitive Intelligence, Corporate Due Diligence, Forensic Accounting, Vendor Screening and Litigation Support. Brosnan® offers a wide array of services designed for the general public.
Our Services Include:
Youth Drug Intervention Programs, Asset Location, Family Court Litigation Support, Criminal Investigations, Missing Person, and Tenant Screening. We strive to match our services to each client’s needs.
General Services
International Investigations
Brosnan® offers criminal and civil records in more than 100 countries. We also conduct employment and degree verification in the U.S. and abroad. Our elite team of professional researchers and strategic partners cooperatively ensure our client’s expectations are met in a timely and cost-effective manner. Brosnan’s longstanding relationships with our international partners ensure the accuracy and veracity of research data. Brosnan’s Global Risk and Sanctions database includes criminal data from law enforcement agencies around the globe and alerts our clients of any U.S. entry and commerce sanctions.
Forensic Accounting & Corporate Embezzlement
Brosnan’s forensic accountants closely analyze a business’s financial records to verify employee embezzlement allegations. If this examination uncovers any improprieties, an investigative team will open a lifestyle inquiry on the suspect employee. This inquiry includes, but is not limited to, a comprehensive background investigation covering personal finances, historical data, assets, and prior criminal record convictions. Often a covert surveillance of the employee will be implemented to gather previously undisclosed and/or new intelligence information about the subject’s lifestyle. Brosnan’s sophisticated intelligence gathering, coupled with a deep understanding of the salient business issues, provides decision makers with the necessary intelligence to make informed decisions.
What Clients Are Saying
Corporate Counterintelligence
Corporate counterintelligence protects business information. Brosnan® has developed a comprehensive response to the growing threat of industrial espionage and information theft. In today’s world, many companies go to great lengths to obtain sensitive and often confidential data about their competitors and the availability of portable information via the internet, laptops, portable PCs and cellular devices has made the traditional security perimeter an illusion. Brosnan’s counterintelligence program can identify a company’s vulnerabilities, stem the flow of sensitive business data, and recommend policies that will minimize future hostile intrusions.
Electronic Forensic Services
The use of technology has permeated our day to day lives. People produce vast amounts of information on personal computers, cellphones and the internet. It requires skilled investigators who are certified technology experts to recover, analyze and document electronic information from a variety of sources to support a criminal, civil or personal matter. Brosnan’s investigators have the ability to forensically examine desktops, laptops, network servers and portable devices to provide the client with the information that they need. Whether you are an attorney in need of e-Discovery assistance, or a concerned parent, Brosnan® can help.
Internet History
Social Media
Cellphones & Cell Tower Analysis
Call Logs
Text Messaging (SMS/MMS)
Instant Messaging
User created documents
Deleted Files
GPS coordinates
Our Services
Background Screening
At Brosnan® we focus on helping our clients mitigate potential risks before they enter a business relationship, fund an investment, retain a foreign agent, hire an executive, elect a board member or need to better understand a pre-existing relationship – simply put, we separate fact from fiction.
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