Brosnan® Command Center

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Brosnan's Smart Security Solutions (BSSS) is a patent-pending, comprehensive security solution that combines state-of-the-art technologies, security best practices, robust intelligence gathering and communications, and trained personnel with decades of law enforcement and military intelligence experience to deliver vital information and guidance to security teams "on scene" who need it most...and need it fast.

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Brosnan Command Center

The Brosnan Command Center proactively monitors thousands of camera images with cutting-edge video analytics and seamlessly provides command, control, communications and coordination to our “boots on the ground” ... 24/7/365

Brosnan® Command Center

The 24/7 Brosnan® Command Center is located in New York and is an integral part of the Brosnan® Smart Security Solution.  One central element of this best-in-class Command, Control, Communication and Coordination business hub is the provision of situational awareness to over 1400 security professionals in 27 states. Brosnan® technicians collect, analyze and disseminate data, from numerous sources, to our “boots on the ground.” The swift dissemination of actionable intelligence enables the security officers to make smarter decisions, and to make those decisions faster.

Actionable Intelligence

Real Time Intelligence

The BCC utilizes powerful cutting-edge technology to instantly analyze thousands of streams of public data including social media and multiple sources for tracking police, fire and ambulance transmissions. BCC analysts instantly transmit alerts to the phones of SmartGuards in the field. Alerts provide actionable intelligence on relevant events including the following: active shooters, terrorist events, major crimes, public protests, suspicious packages and fires, floods and other developing incidents.

Video Analytics Capabilities

Brosnan’s cutting-edge Video Wall utilizes analytic software to proactively monitor over 1,300 images around the clock. The software alerts the analysts of any unusual behavior: an unattended package, an attempt to turn the doorknob of a locked door, the cutting of a fence or even a person running where such behavior is not appropriate. Brosnan’s Video Synopsis technology allows the extraction of actionable intelligence instantly and permits the search, review. and analysis of endless hours of video in minutes.

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