Brosnan®️ Salutes U.S. Veterans

Brosnan®️ Risk Consultants salutes U.S. Veterans for their commitment and service to our country. Our company represents a great opportunity for Veterans to begin their second career, as many of their skills transfer seamlessly into the security sector.  Many of Brosnan\'s core values align with those of the U.S. Armed Forces, and the range of skills that Veterans come away with make them a perfect fit for Brosnan®️-a company built to make America safe.

Honorably Discharged Veterans possess the following qualities that make the perfect security officer.    

Strategic, Adaptability:
React to a changing situation and come up with a solution in the least amount of time

Sense of Duty, Work Ethic:
Responsibility and accountability for getting the job done right

Discipline, Dependability:
Focused on the task at hand; In the right place at the right time; Delivering quality service

One Firm, Team Players:
Collaborate across our teams; Value diversity of ideas

Integrity, Sense of Duty:
Be Accessible and Respectful; Do the Right Thing; Follow Directives

Execution Excellence:
Go above and beyond daily expectations


Brosnan offers opportunities to rise through the ranks, periodically evaluating employees for promotions and raises. Our company provides exceptional security services nationwide, we value our employees and clients above all else and we pride ourselves in promoting a positive and professional work environment.

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