Three Reasons Why Brosnan is Different


Vast network of contacts in law enforcement throughout the United States.  Myself and my executive team at Brosnan have developed and maintained a deep base of contacts in both large and small departments.
On numerous occasions throughout the past 13 years, I have been asked by various Fox reporters to verify or refute ambiguous information,  particularly in the very early stages of a developing incident (car chases), or immediately following a catastrophic event (Boston bombing/ San Bernardino shooting/Aurora movie theater massacre/ etc) or during the course of an unfolding Active Shooter scenario (University of California, Santa Barbara in 2014/ shooting outside the Empire State Building/ UCLA shooting last week).
In addition, I have provided breaking intelligence on numerous occasions for a range of other unfolding incidents (suspicious package on the Brooklyn Bridge/ barricade situation in Harlem) where a quick call to an NYPD contact, often physically at the scene, has verified or refuted developing reports. This has been especially well-received by many of the reporters as the intel is immediate, credible and confirmed.
I have also assisted Fox in recreating crime scenes (West Side Highway attack on motorists in 2014) both in New York and out of state (the home invasion and murder of Dr. Petit’s wife and daughter in Cheshire, Connecticut).  I have provided commentary and local intelligence on numerous occasions while on vacation, and on business, in contract studios in Texas, California and Florida.


While on vacation with my family in California in 2014, Judge Pirro contacted me and asked if I was available for commentary on the campus murders at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  I just happened to be nearby and recreated the killer’s path, identified where rounds had struck vehicles and provided analysis throughout the day.
During the early minutes of the shooting outside the Empire State Building in 2012, I was able to provide intel to Fox- through one of our 700 security guards (1400 eyes and ears) we have posted throughout NYC- that established that the shooting occurred across the street NOT inside the Empire State Building, as was being reported.
Accompanied Jenna Lee to the Jones Beach site of 10 murders; got inside intel through a Suffolk County PBA official on why the local guys were dragging their feet on the investigation.


My company has over a dozen full-time investigators at our HQ in New York and another dozen spread out at our six regional offices.  They have assisted Fox on numerous occasions: developing pedigree data on confirmed subjects, scouring social media for relevant intel on subjects, mapping likely routes for vehicles during chases and projecting distances that confirmed criminals on the run could logically travel on foot based on terrain and topography.


On May 6th, while live on the show, information developed by our Intelligence Center relating to the social media postings of Eulaio Tadol- a federal officer responsible for 3 murders- was helpful in establishing factual data, in real-time, on the subject.


The Brosnan Intelligence Center (BIC) is located in nearby Rockland County. Its 24/7/365 operations are overseen by a former NYPD Counterterrorism Commander and a US Air Force mapping and intelligence officer. The BIC instantly analyzes over 10,000 streams of data, all public tweets and other vital social media posts to deliver the quickest alerts for possible terrorist events, major crimes, active shooters, public protests and other developing incidents. The value of lightening-fast intelligence to breaking news stories, parsed by experts and supported by a seasoned investigative team, cannot be overstated.


On June 1, while live on several Fox shows via telephone, our Intelligence Center developed several key facts regarding the shooting at UCLA. Between 1:30PM and 3:07PM, our analysts ascertained through the numerous sources of intel streaming into the center-  citywide scanners, LAPD contacts, social media and public- that it was not a “ male/female team armed with a rifle” nor had they “fled Engineering Building 4 onto the campus”, and refuted several other non-verified assertions that were swirling around the breaking story ( as is almost always the case): specifically, at 2:42PM we ascertained that it was a murder suicide of an engineering professor and the shooter and that the weapon was a handgun.  This information was vital to the story and was not released until 3:09PM by the LAPD Chief of Police at his press conference.  Our intel was developed 27 minutes earlier.

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