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Brosnan's Security Guard Service is custom tailored to each client based on the results of our comprehensive Security Assessment. Scroll through this page to learn more about Security Guards and the services that may benefit your business or organization.

At Brosnan Security, we protect people, places, and things. We have a comprehensive suite of technology, personnel, equipment and protocols at our disposal that we have developed over the past 25 years that ensures we are one of the top providers of the best security services in the world. Staying at the cutting edge of the Security industry in no small task and our team of industry experts are constantly innovating to ensure that we stay one step ahead of the people that want to act against our clients. 

Whether you require a Personal Armed Bodyguard to escort you to your next high-profile event or a highly trained Security Guard Team to protect your commercial property, we have you covered and can configure our advanced security teams and systems to meet your exact specific needs. All of our Security Guards are licensed to provide services in the states they operate in and many are trained in basic first aid and CPR.

The Complete Guide to Security Guard Services

If you are considering interviewing security guard companies to engage them in a security guard services contract, then the resources on this page will be of great use to you. When it comes to security guard services there are no one-size-fits-all packages. There are security guards that have property and job specific training, which means that there are many types of security guards that you might consider for personal protection or site security. Contracting the wrong security guard service will cause frustration and may even leave you vulnerable. Whether you are planning on hiring a security service for your business or your family, the following page will help educate you on all the different types of security guard services that there are. 

In terms of physical asset protection, Security Guard Services is a very general term that encompasses many sub-categories. The following guide will cover the following Security Guard topics. Choose anyone of the following links to jump ahead to the information that you are looking for:

What Does a Security Guard Do?

Security Guards are used to prevent crime and theft, monitor visitor traffic, maintain security, assist with crowd control, respond to emergencies, and aid customers, employees, and guests. Simply put: Security Guards protect people, places and things.

Business and property owners and managers should educate themselves on the benefits of hiring a security guard company before entering into a contract with one.

Why Hire a Security Guard Company?

A Security Officer team can help secure your premises, personnel, and visitors by patrolling your property, monitoring your surveillance equipment, inspecting your buildings, equipment, and access points, and permitting or denying entry based on your criteria. Security Officers are trained in crowd control, emergency preparedness and response, basic first aid, and de-escalation tactics. They can make decisions on whether to sound an alarm or contact the local police, ambulance, or fire departments.

Security Guards prevent losses and damage by reporting any irregularities they find while patrolling your property. They enforce laws, rules and company policies and procedures, respond to emergencies, and protect your property, people and assets from violators, criminals, trespassers, and would-be thieves.

Some Security Guards must know how to operate detecting devices to screen individuals and prevent passage of prohibited articles into restricted areas. In some cases, Security Guards are expected to be able to drive motor vehicles to escort individuals to specified locations and to provide personal protection.

What Should the Expectations of a Security Guard Be?

You can hire a reliable Security Guard Company to provide you with SecurityWhat are the expectations of a good security guard service company? Officers that can fulfill many different roles and perform many different tasks. Creating a detailed Security Plan is the key to a great performing Security Team. Security Officers roles will depend on the type of contract that you hold with your Security Guard Company, however, here are some general roles and tasks that you may contract with your Security Guard vendor to supply:

  • A Security Officer must have a strong moral compass and a full, functional knowledge of all of the laws, rules, regulations, and policies that govern their Security Services.
  • The members on your Security Guard Team should be up to speed on relevant security industry policies, procedures, and tactics needed to ensure the protection of people, property, data, and institutions.
  • Security Guards should be expected to contact the police, ambulance, or fire department in case of an emergency without hesitation.
  • A Security Officer must be a good ambassador of your brand. He or she must be able to present as a deterrent to wrongdoers, while still being friendly, courteous, kind, and helpful to your staff, customers, and guests.
  • Security Officers may be contracted to drive a guard vehicle around your premises to monitor outdoor visitor and vehicle traffic.
  • Security Officers may provide escort for personnel tasked with transporting money or valuables to prevent theft and ensure secure and reliable delivery.
  • Security Guards are expected to write reports about their daily activities and alert your management team to any anomalies they may witness such as property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons, or unusual occurrences.
  • Your Security Team should also be expected to clearly communicate in your preferred language and be able to read and write with proper grammar and spelling.
  • Some Security Officers may also be required to have significant computer skills, including the use of word processing and spreadsheet programs or data entry systems.
  • The best Security Guards are expected to be great communicators. Sharp instincts as well as critical thinking and communication skills are extremely important when navigating people through an emergency or when relaying information to the police or fire department.
  • Your Security Officers should be consistently trained and tested on any applicable security strategies, tactics, procedures, and equipment needed to perform their duties at optimal levels.

What Types of Security Officers and Security Guard Services Are There?

You may have heard the old carpentry adage “Measure twice and cut once.” What are the different types of security guards?It means that a person should double-check their measurements for accuracy before cutting a piece of wood; otherwise, it may be necessary to cut again, wasting time and material. This sentiment often applies to many situations; but it is especially true of Security Planning. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” Security Plan, and there are no one-size-fits-all Security Guard Services. Cookie cutter security services typically fail. And so, when hiring a Security Guard Service, it is extremely important to do the homework necessary to ensure the greatest likelihood of success.

There are many types of specialized Security Officers that may be hired to accomplish many different aspects of personal and property security. In the follow sections, we will cover some of the most common types of Security Guards and what you should expect from them.

Security Guards prevent losses and damage by reporting any irregularities they find while patrolling your property. They enforce laws, rules and company policies and procedures, respond to emergencies, and protect your property, people and assets from violators, criminals, trespassers, and would-be thieves.

Some Security Guards must know how to operate detecting devices to screen individuals and prevent passage of prohibited articles into restricted areas. In some cases, Security Guards are expected to be able to drive motor vehicles to escort individuals to specified locations and to provide personal protection.

Premises Security Services

There is no better deterrent to theft and civil unrest than a human guard force that is seemingly ever-present and on watch. However, poorly run Security Guard Teams can deter customers as well. All Premises Security Programs are uniquely designed based on the individual needs of each property. Your program can include any combination of uniformed or plainclothes, armed or unarmed security guards, and marked or unmarked patrol vehicles.


Premises Security Services can be custom tailored to all kinds of clients including Commercial Real Estate Properties, Residential Communities, Public and Private Schools, Hospitals and Clinics, High Volume Retail Locations, and Transportation Centers.

Armed Security Guards

Protecting life and property is our highest priority. Armed Security Guards are trained and licensed to carry weapons, which they may use when the people or locations to which they are assigned are under extreme duress. Weapons may include batons or firearms. An Armed Security Guard will only use their weapon in times of extreme attack, and when all other non-violent options have been exhausted.

Armed Security Guards are also known as Armed Guards or Armed Security Officers. You should not take armed security lightly and should only be considered where there is a high potential for violent crime.

Unarmed Security Guards

The best Unarmed Security Guards are trained to protect people and property by de-escalating a situation so that the local law enforcement does not need to intervene; however, and only f necessary, they do have the ability to restrain an individual properly and legally and without the use of a weapon until police arrive.

An Unarmed Security Guard, under the proper conditions and circumstances, does have power to subdue or detain an individual who is acting out illegally or with criminal intent and they are educated on the laws related to arresting an individual for that purpose. Security Guards are a vital part of the safety of our country’s schools, hospitals, public places, and businesses.

Personal Protection Services

Personal Protection Service is for anyone who feels threatened or has a concern about their personal safety and feels that a Personal Security Officer or Bodyguard can help. Male and female Personal Protection Services are available for people on full-time or limited time basis and can be used during a specific event, when traveling to an unfamiliar location, or to safely run day-to-day errands.

Many of our Personal Protection Service agents are ex-military or law enforcement professionals that are trained to perform with the highest standards of personal conduct. In matters of Personal Protection, discretion is priority. 

At Brosnan, our Personal Protection Agents are required to sign a strict confidentiality agreement ensuring the highest standard of privacy for our clients. All Security Agents have been trained to make certain that your protection does not interfere with your life or business. VIP Protection Services can include 24/7 communication, monitoring and physical security if necessary.

Because all situations are unique, all Personal Protection assignments are custom-tailored to the individual client. However, here are some conditions that we provide security solutions for every day:

Celebrity Protection Services

Learn about Celebrity Protection ServicesBecause of their high profile, celebrities are the biggest challenge in Personal Protection Services. Personal Protection Agents are trained in crowd management and are experts in controlling overzealous fan attacks, and aggressive paparazzi. And while those high energy situations are possible, our Agents typically avoid them altogether by utilizing advanced tactics in undercover location movements, vehicle security, communications safety measures, public appearance security, and private outing security. Our agents support and protect today’s elite personalities, including film stars, musicians, artists and performing arts personalities.

Executive Protection Services

ExecLearn more about Executive Protection Servicesutive Protection is a detailed Security Service are for individuals that have a high level of personal risk due to their station, notoriety, wealth, occupation, or reputation. Executive Protection Services are also referred to “close protection” and often include covert protection and protective surveillance to minimize intrusiveness and deter incidents from as far away from the client as possible.

We accomplish this by evaluating risks, threats and vulnerabilities and establishing conditions for ideal personal protection and safety wherever the client’s activities might lead. Our clients appreciate the way that our Executive Protection Agents operate in a way that respects their lifestyle, family life, and professional persona and individual preferences without being intrusive.

Travel Security Services

Travel Security ServicesRisk to travelers comes in many different forms. Danger associated with conflict, political tensions, climate issues, natural disasters, health & safety warnings, or concerns over traveler welfare due to delays, airline strikes and weather disruption. Our Travel Security Services can be designed to protect an individual or large travel party on a full end-to-end basis or for one leg of a larger itinerary. We offer on-call emergency services, full evacuation support, contingency planning, and personal protection for all travel situations.

Security Drivers & Transport Services

Security Drivers and Transport ServicesSecurity Drivers and Chauffeurs are trained in a variety of safety and security techniques, including surveillance detection, evasion strategies, and defensive driving tactics. Our Security Drivers can handle a multitude of scenarios including hostile environment evacuation, unplanned media presence, overenthusiastic fans, carjacking prevention, and following countermeasures. The best Security Driver Services exist to move business executives safely from meeting to meeting, or to guide celebrities through hordes of their adoring fans.

Uniformed Security Officers

Uniformed Security Guards are a deterrent to crime by their mere physical presence. When a Uniformed Security Officer is visible, instances of crime go down. We recognize that our Uniformed Security Officers are a physical representation of you to the public and therefore must have an appearance and act in a way that best represents your culture and brand.

Simply put – our Security Officers are an extension of your team and so we train them to represent you in the best possible light. You can rest assured that our Uniformed Security Guards are fully capable of handling any emergency, they will make your priorities their priorities, and they will represent your business or brand in a well-groomed, considerate, and professional manner.

Concierge Security Officers

Front desk staff and concierges are employed by hotels, apartment complexes and office buildings to assist people entering and leaving a property and to provide additional services to their guests. In addition to greeting, checking in, and directing visitors to internal destinations, Concierge Security Officers can add another level of service by enforcing policies, maintaining access control and assuring that only authorized personnel enter secure areas.

Doorman security and concierge security services can be included in any custom premises security package that we offer. The choices in this area are almost limitless, from custom officer uniforms to business specific daily and weekly duties.

Plainclothes and Undercover Security Guards

There is a major difference between Uniformed Security Officers and Undercover Security Officers. They handle two very different aspects of security. Uniforms make a difference in how we perceive someone. Law enforcement style uniforms, such as those used by Uniformed Security Guards, instantly give off an air of authority. This is typically a preventative strategy used to deter criminal activity by triggering a visual cue. However, for some, this may be overly intimidating, especially in a retail situation.

Also, in retail, general shoplifting is problem, but organized retail crime is a much bigger issue. Organized retail crime syndicates look for security guards and actively try to avoid them. Having a Plainclothes Security Guard on premises could help catch thieves in the act. In the law enforcement community, uniform officers primarily act as a deterrent, while undercover officers or plainclothes officers primarily detect, investigate, and apprehend.

The primary advantage of Undercover Security Officers is that they remain unnoticed. The security officers who are part of our undercover team have been specially trained that allow them to blend into the environment they are operating in, detect threats and risks effectively, and then report them to the proper authorities. Where there are larger organized crime syndicates at play, it is not uncommon for a Plainclothes Security Officer to never reveal themselves to the public; calling in the police or other Uniformed Security Officers to confront perpetrators while they remain unnoticed.

Fire Guards

Fire Guards are trained and certified to provide fire watch services for residential and commercial properties. In New York City, a fire watch service is required for any occupancy where a fire protection system is out of service. New York City law mandates that you must have a certified Fire Guard, holding a Certificate of Fitness, on the premises for specific reasons. We offer New York State Fire Guards for the following:

  • High-Rise Office and Commercial Buildings
  • Construction or Renovation Sites without an operating fire suppressant system
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Marinas and Boatyards
  • Government Facilities
  • Any building without a working fire suppressant system
  • Public events when required by law

Fire and Life Safety Directors

In New York City, a Fire and Life Safety (FLS) Director is required in any commercial building requiring a Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan or any building previously requiring Fire Safety Directors. Any building classified as a high-rise office building, hotel or a building that has voluntarily installed fire alarm systems with two-way voice communication systems must have a Fire Life and Safety Director on premises during regular business hours. For Hotels, this means that a Fire and Life Safety Director or Deputy FLS Director must be on property 24- hours/day.

The FLS Director and Deputy FLS Director must hold a valid Certificate of Fitness and is responsible to implement the FDNY plan (e.g. Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan or Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan), to conduct FLS staff training, as well as fire and non-fire emergency drills and other duties indicated in the NYC Fire Code and Fire Rule.

Security Guard with a Hoisting Machine Operator License

Security Guards that are hired to protect constructions sites may also be required to help enforce safety standards. They may have additional job responsibilities that include operating a construction hoist or temporary elevator. In some states and cities, a person must have a Hoisting Machine Operator License to operate a crane or other hoisting machine. In New York City, this license is issued by the Department of Buildings. This would be considered a specialized security contract.

In NYC, there are three classes for a Hoisting Machine Operator License:

  • Class A licenses, for machines with a boom length under 200 feet.
  • Class B licenses, for machines with any boom length.
  • Class C licenses, for machines under 50 tons.

If you are requiring your security guard to operate a hoist, make sure that they have the appropriate licensing to do so legally.

Security Officers with Law Enforcement Experience

It is a common request in the security industry, but why would you want to hire a Security Officer with prior law enforcement experience? One common reason for businesses to seek out with this specialization is to be able to leverage the professional network that they amassed during their tenure in law enforcement. During a career of public service, a law enforcement officer will have had many opportunities to interact and develop connections with other local, state, and federal agencies.

Besides their professional network and the relationships that they have fostered over their years of service, a Security Guard with prior law enforcement experience will also have an appreciation for taking exact notes, writing detailed reports, and communicating clearly. They will have had years of training in law enforcement tactics and strategy and many will have an operational awareness that they have developed and sharpen over their years of service. Having a Security Officer with a background in law enforcement on your Security Team can be extremely beneficial when your team needs to interface with outside agencies on emergency responses or criminal investigations.

Event Security Services

Special event security guards patrol the grounds of special events venue to protect against acts of terrorism, theft, and other illegal activities. Special event security guards may work at sporting events, concerts, conventions, parties, or other large events.

Trade Show and Convention Security

Trade Show and Convention SecurityTrade shows, conventions and expos are high-energy events that can bring together large crowds – sometimes thousands of people. Planning events of this scope can be challenging and complicated. Hiring Trade Show Security Guards is one step in an overall plan to keep people safe and your trade show participants’ assets protected. Not all trade shows and conferences are the same from a security perspective. Having our Advance Team evaluated your specific needs and venue challenges is the key to a success event. For instance, crowd management and access control may be priorities for a technology convention; but theft deterrent and armed security presence may be a priority for a jewelry expo – where millions of dollars’ worth of easily pocketable items are out in the public with very little to protect them. Developing the right Trade Show Security Strategy is one of our top specialties.

Special Event Security

Special Event SecurityBrosnan has the resources, expertise and experience to handle all types of Special Event Security, from major music concerts to large festivals. Our team begins planning 12-18 months before the date of the event, depending on the nature of the event, to develop a Security Management Plan to launch during the event. We are well prepared long before spectators, officials, crowds, media, and others begin to assemble at the event site. Our services include comprehensive communications, monitoring, and reporting. It involves ensuring that key operational areas are functioning properly, such as the communications command center, credentialing, access control posts, and more. It also involves checking on the readiness of field and support areas such as mobile field forces to deal with crowd control, intelligence support, arrest processing, EMS/medical support, and more.

Sporting Event Security

Sporting Event SecuritySecurity requirements for sporting events have changed dramatically in the past 20-years. With domestic terrorism threats and political protests on the rise since 9/11, keeping fans safe has presented new logistical, operational, and technological challenges. Gone are the days of merely assisting intoxicated fans safely out of the stadium. Today, keeping patrons, employees, and players safe, means tighter access control, strict security guidelines, and advanced intelligence and communication protocols. A professional Sporting Event Security Team can help keep your staff, players, and fans safe.

Brosnan’s Sporting Event Security Guards can identify and control potential threats, from a rowdy group of fans to an overcapacity issue that requires urgent crowd control measures. Our Sporting Event Security Officers are trained in the strategies and tactics necessary to ensure that your sporting event is enjoyed by everyone who attends.

Corporate Event Security

Corporate Event SecurityFrom annual shareholder meetings to board meetings, when people’s livelihoods or investments are at risk or are uncertain because of corporate decisions, stakeholders including creditors, customers, contractors, and employees can sometimes resort to extreme behavior. Some companies have missions that can be polarizing to certain sociopolitical groups and can therefore be the targets of protest and domestic terrorism. Brosnan’s Corporate Event Security teams have the experience and expertise in developing, organizing, and implementing security plans for a wide variety of corporate gatherings.

Our priority is making certain that executives and guests attending your corporate event can conduct business safely and without disruption. As one of the nation’s best Corporate Event Security Firms, Brosnan takes pride in keeping company guests safe and giving the organizers peace of mind while remaining discrete.

Whether you are making important decisions, promoting your company to clients and prospects, or networking with potential stakeholders and influencers, we will handle all security concerns so you can focus on what is important… your business.

Crowd Management

Where large crowds are expected, it is imperative to hire additional staff and have trained security or crowd management personnel on site.

Crowd management refers to the proactive steps that can be taken to prevent potential problems at a facility or event. Crowd control refers to what happens after a crowd has become disorderly and unmanageable and police or other enforcement agencies are needed to help prevent further harm, damage, or danger. If a patron or visitor is causing a problem or behaving badly, a skilled Security Guard Team Member will attempt to de-escalate the situation by offering assistance, talking to them and otherwise helping to calm them down.

However, when these tactics do not work, they are prepared to physically remove the offending party from the property to help keep the peace. Our security guards are trained to contact the police, if necessary, to intervene. Effective crowd control measures include handling the flow of traffic by properly managing queues, using partitions to keep emergency access routes clear and employing Crowd Control Security Guards to supervise entry and exits and keep the flow of guests moving.

K9 Security

Security technology has advanced lightyears in the past decade. Security cameras, unmanned security drones, built-in license plate reader technology, advancements in commercial Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC) – the tools of the security industry have come a long way. However, when it comes to certain investigation tactics, sometimes man’s best friend is still the king of the hill. This is especially true when it comes to detecting illegal substances or concealed explosives. Any event or premises that has a concern about drugs being trafficked or explosives being brought on site could use a K9 Security Team. Our K9 Security handlers have highly trained dogs with Bomb and Narcotic Detection Certifications.

An alarm system can monitor, alert, or indicate a disturbance, but just the sight of a Security Dog and their handler has been proven to deter even the most brazen criminals from attempting to get past them. A Security K9 Unit’s screening and protection expertise includes search and rescue, detection of intruders, criminal apprehension, and narcotic and explosive detection. Our K9 Security Team can be deployed to live events like concerts, conferences, and political rallies. They can also be used to randomly search and monitor troubled commercial locations as an extremely effective visual deterrent.

Crisis Management Team

A crisis is defined as an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending; especially, one with the distinct possibility of a highly undesirable outcome.

There are three aspects to a crisis:

  1. A threat to your property, people, or assets,
  2. the element of surprise, and
  3. a short amount of time to decide how to respond.

The threat can be natural or man-made disaster. For example, a natural disaster like a hurricane or powerful tropical storm; or a man-made disaster like a powerplant meltdown or terrorist event.

Critical incidents and tragic events are part of life. A crisis could happen at any moment. The question is: Are you prepared for one? And what happens to your business operations if you are not? A Crisis Response contract allows you the opportunity to perform all of the advance planning necessary to avoid the pitfalls of a crisis when it happens: Crisis Averted. It also gives you the team that you need in place to take the actions and precautions necessary to properly address the crisis. Your Crisis Response Team will not only be the boots-on-the-ground, physical representation of your brand’s commitment to security, but also your invaluable human resources who are there to help in get your organization through any crisis.

At Brosnan, we practice the 4 R’s of Crisis Management: Readiness, Response, Reassurance, and Recovery. This is what it looks like:

  • Readiness – Our men and women are ready for the crisis through advanced training and intelligence; they have been given first responder training that can save lives at risk, and have been taught to provide the assistance you need when disaster strikes.
  • Response – Our team is ready to launch into action when called – either to provide extra hands in uniform or ready to provide fully armed security, if necessary.
  • Reassurance – Peace of mind is knowing that your business, your people and your property are going to make it through the crisis. We put the control back into your hands by providing everything from officers and vehicles to a full, mobile Emergency Response Command Center.
  • Recovery – The crisis is not over until the operations are reestablished and your organization is back to business.

Threat Assessment Team

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for keeping a facility or asset safe; however, there are proven strategies and tactics for assessing the vulnerabilities of a particular property, business, or asset. At Brosnan, our experts in Security Risk and Threat Assessment are ex-CIA, FBI and National Security Officers. Our tried-and-true methods of investigating all probable threats to your business is one of the many hallmarks that make us one of the best Security Services Companies in the world.

A comprehensive Security Plan can only be established by conducting thorough Risk and Threat Assessment that identifies all vulnerabilities – whether they be locational, social, political, economic, or environmental. Brosnan’s Risk and Threat Assessment Team can help you mitigate your security risks.

Emergency Response Team

Bad things happen; and when they do, you need to be prepared. At Brosnan, our goal is to give you clear direction during unclear times so that you, your team and their families can stay protected and make through the incident as safe as possible. In a disaster and emergency response situation, our operatives will assist you with communications, assess your urgent needs and match you with available resources. We will help you determine whether to evacuate, take shelter or lock down if necessary; and we will help you facilitate these tactics if the incident allows.

Brosnan’s Disaster and Emergency Response protocols are designed to help you navigate the challenges and emergencies associated with the worst-case scenarios, including:

  • Active Shooter
  • Attacks in Public Places
  • Avalanche
  • Bioterrorism
  • Chemical Emergencies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Drought
  • Earthquakes
  • Explosions
  • Extreme Heat
  • Floods
  • Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Hurricanes
  • Landslides & Debris Flow
  • Nuclear Explosion
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Pandemic
  • Power Outages
  • Radiological Dispersion Device
  • Severe Weather
  • Snowstorms & Extreme Cold
  • Space Weather
  • Thunderstorms & Lightning
  • Tornadoes
  • Tsunamis
  • Volcanoes Eruptions
  • Wildfires

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