Brosnan Risk Consultants and Gaffco Ballistics


Gaffco Ballistics designs, manufactures and installs blast, ballistic and forced entry resistant structures and systems to assure the safety, security and protection of clients. They have designed bullet and blast-proof systems for residential safe-rooms, government installations, banking facilities, medical institutions, corporate offices and monetary distribution centers.


Gaffco systems are engineered to mitigate the highest threat levels and designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding architecture through implementation of quality materials—which align perfectly with Brosnan’s values. 


Previous projects by Gaffco, modern designs that blend seamlessly with surrounding architecture.


Bulletproof door in the Brosnan Innovation Lab designed by Gaffco

Wood-Clad panels are manufactured using bullet-resistant fiberglass panels concealed between layers of millwork and installed using Gaffco’s proprietary interlocking system. Constructed off site for minimal disruption to the workplace, these designs combine function with aesthetics to match the client’s existing interior.

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