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Brosnan’s® scalable protection services help business leaders mitigate risk for employees and assets during hurricane season.

Official hurricane season kicks off each year on June 1st and goes through the end of November. While the typical peak season is mid-August to late October, a disastrous storm can occur any time during the season.

According to NOAA, an average hurricane season has: 12 Named Storms, 6 Hurricanes, and 3 Major Hurricanes

Since the 1980s, both the frequency and intensity of hurricanes in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico have increased. So has the damage. Tropical Cyclones cost an average of $22 billion per storm

With over 60 million people or 30% of the U.S. population in the path of these storms, businesses need to plan for potential impacts to physical property, employees, supply chains, and customers.

No matter how active or quiet the hurricane season, it only takes one to cause catastrophic damage to your business.

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Brosnan's® Emergency Response Team can work with you to prepare for and respond to any hurricane-related emergency.

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Why Brosnan®?

Mitigating risks from natural disasters requires a partner who can provide detailed risk assessments, rapid deployments of security personnel, and real-time intelligence. Brosnan® is one of the largest privately held providers of technology-driven security services and has provided emergency services during catastrophic hurricanes, including Harvey, Maria, Irma, Barry and Dorian.

From assessment to implementation, Brosnan® seamlessly integrates protective services with a proactive and tiered approach that identifies threats, devises answers and ensures operational continuity for your business. The 24/7 Brosnan® Command Center in New York provides situational awareness to over 5000 security professionals nationwide. This swift dissemination of actionable intelligence enables security officers to make smarter decisions and make those decisions faster.

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