1 Profiling: If you “See Something, Say Something.”  Alert Americans can prevent attacks.  We must unchain ourselves from outdated notions of racial profiling.  The need for profiling is greater today than it has ever been. It is a powerful and vital tool to identify, thwart, chase and capture bad guys. Had the neighbors of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik in San Bernardino dialed 911, as they admitted they should have- but didn’t for fear of being accused of profiling- fourteen Americans would be alive today.  Do not fear repetitional repercussions.  Delete the words “politically correct” and “profiling” from your vocabulary.  Be aware that the chill you may have felt when “profiling" in the past could soon be replaced by the chill of a morgue refrigerator. We are at war.  Use common sense.  If ISIS were comprised of Irishmen, I would report every shady redhead I encountered. 

2 Guns: File for a gun permit. Study the laws that govern gun ownership in your state.  Purchase a gun that you are comfortable with carrying.  Learn to shoot.  Practice often at the range. Become knowledgeable on gun safety and evolving laws.  Make gun ownership a hobby and carry everyday in a practical holster; after awhile, carrying a gun becomes as familiar, and as comfortable, a part of your daily routine as carrying a wallet - or a set of keys.  

3 Awareness: Practice spatial awareness. Look around and pay attention.  Pull your head out of your smart phone. Be cognizant of your surroundings and grow eyes in the back and the sides of your head.   

4 Knowledge: Join or form groups that focus on the growing threat and the reality of terrorism in America.  Become knowledgeable on what the government is presently doing to mitigate this deadly threat. Identify and discuss with your friends, neighbors and peer groups what the government is NOT doing and write letters, make calls, yell from the roof, but, most importantly, do not remain silent.  

5 Communication:  The first cousin of Knowledge (see number 4) is communication. Write letters and make calls; relentlessly harass your senator, congressman and any elected representative who can help (remember they work for you) but, most importantly, do not remain silent. Recognize that perseverance is a virtue.  Insist that they help by writing and helping to enact laws that address and repair the following five (5) issues:  

6 Visas:  We need to halt the wholesale issuance of visas- I don’t care if it is a business visa, education visa, fiancé visa or a 90 day visa. Stop allowing potential murdering thugs- through a seriously flawed vetting process- unfettered access to our country. Tashfeen Malik came to the United States on a K-1 visa, also known as the fiancé visa. This is not a common pathway to legal entry into the U.S., only 36,000 were issued in 2014, and extremely rare for people in Saudi Arabia- only four obtained that Visa in 2014, according to State Department statistics. Yet, officials did not notice that she provided a fake address on her application and that she frequently posted pro-radical Islamic statements on her Facebook page.  “Somebody entered the United States through the K-1 visa program and proceeded to carry out an act of terrorism on American soil,”  White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, stated immediately following the San Bernardino attacks. Duh!  

7 Vetting: The government must institute a standardized process for background screening. It must be thorough, complete and accurate in its scope and there must be sanctions for non-compliance. The fact that Tashfeen Malik was able to provide a fake address to authorities and still be issued a K-1 visa is terrifying. Even more bone-chilling, her pro-radical Islamic rantings were never discovered despite being posted on Facebook. Who in God’s name is conducting the background screens at the U.S Immigration Service?  I have to show three forms of ID to buy Sudafed. Visiting nurses and retail store managers are checked closer than visa applicants. In an era where technology has given the intelligence agencies seemingly limitless ability to collect information on people, it is mind-boggling that a Twitter or Facebook post could go unnoticed in a background check. Whether it is institutionalized laziness, budget constraints or a flawed screening methodology, the results are the same: terrorists are being allowed legal entry to our country due to our subpar screening processes.   

8 Walls: We need to close our borders, from Mexico and from Canada. The fact is that the U.S. and Canada do not share information about people placed on their respective “no-fly” lists; as a result, individuals deemed a threat who fly into one country may then cross the land border into the other. This is madness and another glaring hole in our Homeland Security program. Although the cost and logistical challenges of building a fence along the Mexican border, like the Canadian border, would be immense-around $22 billion; what will be the cost in American lives if we do not build it? "It's not complicated," said conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer. "Build the damn fence."  

9 Watch Lists: The fact that a terrorism suspect on the federal No Fly List can legally purchase an automatic weapon is a gaping, and, let’s be honest, embarrassing hole in our laws and so ludicrous that even President Obama- who famously referred to ISIS as the “jayvee team”- recently remarked “What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semiautomatic weapon?” Yet, since 2004, there have been 2,233 people who landed on the government’s No-Fly List, because of the U.S. government's suspicions of their involvement in terrorist activity, and applied to buy a gun. And a mind-boggling 91 percent were approved to own a weapon. Yes, you read it right: on the No- Fly List and approved to carry an automatic weapon. The mind reels from it all and, yes, Tashfeen Malik was one of those approved- this gaping hole must be hermetical sealed.  

10- Law Enforcement’s Role- local and federal law enforcement’s role in this war has to be re-examined. They are the Homeland’s first line of defense and if the two most recent attacks in Paris and California are an indicator, we can logically expect future attacks to include small arms tactical assaults - deadly and inexpensive. And impossible to predict. Our police must be trained to fight this war intelligently and effectively. They must be provided with adequate firepower to fight these barbarians.

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