We are pleased to advise that Brosnan Risk Consultants has joined forces with United Intelligence Group, Inc., d/b/a UNITEL in a Strategic Alliance to provide Brosnan’s clientele with superior investigative services. Unitel, headed by William P. Callahan an experienced attorney and former Federal Prosecutor is considered to be at the top of his profession as Investigative Counsel to the Bar and private industry.

For more than thirty years, Mr. Callahan has been acting as principal outside investigator to some of the largest law firms in the U.S. and London, UK. For many years, he was the principal trademark infringement investigator for Sir. Richard Branson’s Virgin Group for all N. American trademark frauds and enforcement matters through Virgin’s American law firms Pennie & Edmonds and later Fried, Frank, Harris, Schriver & Jacobson.

From 2005 through 2010, Mr. Callahan returned to government service as the Independent Investigator to the Southern District Federal Court (Judge Charles S. Haight, Jr., SDNY) to enforce the terms of a Federal Consent Decree over the District Council of Carpenters (Carpenter’s Union) for all violations of federal, state and local laws. As the Independent Investigator, Mr. Callahan worked closely with the U.S. Attorney’s Office SDNY (Civil Division), the Office of Labor Racketeering (OLR - U.S. Department of Labor) and the FBI. In the late 90’s he performed the same services for the Trustee of a Brooklyn Local of the ILA (Longshoremen’s Union) to enforce the terms of a Government Consent Decree.

Mr. Callahan has been cited numerous times in his career, and as a Federal Prosecutor he was assigned by the head of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) upon the request of the Assistant to the President to act as the Coordinator of DEA’s CENTAC 2 – a then novel government enforcement task force to help dismantle and indict the principals of the Frank Matthews international heroin smuggling cartel, the biggest in the Nation at that time. In that role, Mr. Callahan acted as intermediary-coordinator with the DOJ, DEA, CIA, Army Intelligence, Interpol and foreign drug enforcement agencies to crush this cartel.

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