Bank Robbery Pattern:  Suspect Captured by Brosnan Risk Security Officer 

On January 28, 2016 a male attempted to rob several banks in upper Manhattan by passing a note.  He succeeded at an Apple Bank on Broadway.  The Brosnan Intelligence Center (BIC) became aware of this robbery through a public tweet and transmitted a description to all their 700 guards assigned to the five boroughs.  A short time later, Brosnan security officer, Justin Fay, who was assigned to a TD Bank ten blocks away observed a male fitting the description attempt to enter the TD branch to which he was assigned.  Security Officer Fay immediately called 911 and held the interior vestibule door shut preventing the suspect from entering the TD Bank.  Several minutes later the police arrived at TD Bank and were directed by Security Officer Fay as to the male’s direction of flight.  Police captured the suspect and were able to link him to other bank robberies. 

Tragedy: Worth Street Crane Collapse 

In the early morning of Friday, February 5, 2016 a massive two block long Crawler Crane was being lowered when something went wrong and the crane collapsed along Worth Street killing one person and injuring three.  Such a large calamitous event prompted a deluge of tweets from witnesses.  Utilizing specialized software BIC analysts were able to parse and analyze the information and identify witnesses to assist in the investigation of this catastrophe.  In addition, Brosnan Risk immediately provided real time information and periodic relevant updates to surrounding Brosnan clients and workforce to ensure safety. 

Accident: 5th Ave Scaffolding Accident 

On Monday May 16th, 2016 BIC analysts pinpointed a tweet sent from a residential apartment on 5th Ave and 46th street in Manhattan complaining about being told not to leave their apartment.  A quick investigation by the BIC analysts ascertained that a truck had slammed into sidewalk scaffolding in Manhattan causing it to collapse. The BIC analysts quickly plugged this data into our mapping database and determined that the collapse was outside a residential building we were contracted to provide security at.  Our analysts then notified our security officers at this location and building management, who were both in the rear of the building and not aware of the unfolding incident. The speed and precision of the alert enabled our security officer, building management and ownership to become aware of a potentially disastrous event impacting their assets MINUTES before it hit the news cycle and to implement security measures to mitigate any unsafe conditions.

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