January 2020

JANUARY 2020 CEO Message for 2020 Leading the Security Industry Through Innovation 2019 has been an exciting and transformative year for the security industry and Brosnan has been at the forefront. For almost 25 years, Brosnan has evolved as risk has evolved by providing security solutions that not only help protect against threats but identify…

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December 2019

DECEMBER 2019 15 Ways to Keep Your Retail Business Safe During the Holidays  WRITTEN BY: Patrick Brosnan The 2019 holiday shopping season is set to break records with an estimated $727.9 to $730.7 billion in retail sales. This period, which runs from November through December, often sees an increase in foot traffic, longer hours for stores…

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November 2019

NOVEMBER 2019 Brosnan Reaches 5,000 Employees CEO Patrick Brosnan and President John O’Connor announced a Brosnan Risk Consultants’ (BRC) milestone- 5,000 employees! With an average of 450+ hires/month, BRC is projected to reach 10,000 employees by July, 2020. This growth is due in part to BRC’s expansion into 37 states and six new markets, including:…

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October 2019

OCTOBER 2019 Hurricanes are a Growing Threat You Cannot Afford to Ignore Brosnan’s® scalable protection services help business leaders 
mitigate risk for employees and assets during hurricane season. Official hurricane season kicks off each year on June 1st and goes through the end of November. While the typical peak season is mid-August to late October,…

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