Time Square


12:36 PM

BCC Alert

5/18/17 12:35pm


Please see the attached Brosnan Command Center Situation report regarding an fatal motor vehicle accident in Times Square.

Contact Brosnan’s Command Center with any urgent requirements or to discuss the situation at 1-800-590-2180 x 821

12:23 PM


5/18/17 12:23am

INCIDENT: This is an update to the MVA in Times Square

UPDATE:  1 Dead and at least 30 injured. Car is a red Honda. Multiple witnesses state that the car has done it intentionally.  Driver has purportedly been arrested.

12:15 PM


5/18/17 12:15


12:03:00 PM
Mva / Multiple Injuries. Broadway & W 44th St, 66-75-0814. BC-9 reports using all hands for 4 critical patients. Multiple EMS requested. Multiple vehicles struck with multiple patients.

12:01:00 PM
Mva / Multiple Injuries. Broadway & W 44th St, BC-9 now requesting EMS forthwith for a person in cardiac arrest. Reports of an out of control car going up Broadway. Multiple reports of accidents from W 42nd St up to W 46th St. Additional units requested.
11:58:00 AM
Mva Local / Traffic Alert. Broadway & W 44th St, BC-9 O/S with an MVA with 2 injuries. Requesting EMS and PD to the scene..

DESCRIPTION: Car is reported to be a late model sedan of some kind. 


NOTES: Reports have not indicated whether the accident was intentional or not. the force necessary to propel the car over metal columns on tot the side walk indicate high speed that is difficult to achieve in the densely populated times square area. Witnesses on the scene have said the driver did it intentionally.