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Cyber Security
We offer the following services to our clients to mitigate risk associated with this rapidly expanding threat
Cyber security program assessment
Evaluates a client’s current infrastructure to understand security posture and risks and provide a roadmap to mitigate exposures.
Advanced persistent threat detection (APT)
Applies proven techniques and tools to detect and mitigate the impacts of advanced cyber attacks including malicious software.
Penetration testing
Proactively tests a client’s network security defenses and compliance with government or industry regulations.
Security awareness training
Helps educate employees on key security issues, including information protection, social networking, virus protection, password security, web browser security, email security and mobile security.
Breach response
Aids our clients in responding to known breaches including impact assessment and identification of vulnerabilities.
Smart Cameras
Brosnan® Tripwire Services (BTS) is a state-of-the-art security response and alert system that combines military-grade sensor technology and analytics with existing IP cameras. Brosnan's 24/7 Command Center provides continuous monitoring of the BTS alerts and coordinates the response to security breaches. In addition, our Video Synopsis technology allows us to extract actionable intelligence from hours of video instantly. Our analysts ALWAYS look twice.
Operation center
Smart School Safety
Our STOP solution (School Threat Obstruction Plan) provides a customizable out-of-the-box solution to help our clients mitigate an active shooter threat to educational institutions. Our solution includes innovative technologies and related capabilities, including:
Customized Security
We design integrated security systems for corporate and residential applications including access-control, closed-circuit television, intrusion-detection alarms and central station monitoring capabilities. Corporate offices out and board rooms can be outfitted with frequency-altering devices to defeat electric counter measures and ensure that confidential conversations remain confidential.
Electronic Sweeps and Countermeasures
We are an industry leader in electronic eavesdropping detection, and our technicians have many years of practical field experience coupled with formal training in Israel and at the FBI training academy.
Our Services
Our uniquely qualified team’s track record for finding and analyzing critical information around the world allows our clients to build stronger litigation positions, identify hidden assets, strengthen anti-corruption initiatives, secure competitive advantages and avoid potentially reputation-damaging associations.
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