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How is Brosnan
Security different?
Brosnan's Smart Security Solutions combine state-of-the-art technologies, security best practices, robust intelligence gathering, and trained personnel with decades of law enforcement and military intelligence experience to deliver an industry-leading, “game changer” security solution.
Security Professionals
Brosnan Security Officers are consistently ranked as the best in the security business. Our security officers are closely vetted, trained, and assigned to specific sectors to ensure both client/vendor chemistry, and a seamless integration of best-in-class service. Whether our clients conduct business internationally or just around the corner, they count on the resources we provide. If you need one officer or a team of officers, for long term or short term assignments, we can help you create the solution that best fits your security needs and budget. Brosnan is structured to provide security expertise for specialized markets as well as multiple security solutions utilizing people, technology and knowledge.
Reliable Protection with Brosnan
Brosnan has extensive experience in the provision of professional unarmed security services across the United States including commercial buildings, residential properties, construction sites, banks, warehouses, retail stores and schools. Brosnan has provided top-tier security services at over five hundred construction sites in New York City since 1996 and is currently the security provider at many Class A “trophy buildings” in Manhattan.
Armed Security
Brosnan personnel are selectively chosen from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Our vetting process is second to none. In addition to comprehensive pre-employment screening, our armed security officers undergo extensive training based on a customers specific requirements.
Executive Protection
We provide personalized armed security for corporate officers, and other high-net individuals. Our security teams are comprised of former NYPD detectives, U.S. Secret Service agents and other top line security professionals. Brosnan has protected such clients as the Mayor of New York City, the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, the New York Jets, numerous CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and celebrities.
Our Services
Brosnan also performs comprehensive due diligence investigations of potential acquisitions, joint venture partners, investors and investments throughout the U.S. and overseas. These “deep dives” provide our clients with accurate, compliant and timely information assisting them in making critical decisions.
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