Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery

Brosnan's Emergency Response Security teams are prepared for rapid deployment wherever and whenever crises occur.

Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery

Our concept of operations for managing small to large scale, complex incidents is world class, and exceeds industry standards for security emergency management and disaster recovery. Our team incorporates a network of trained personnel who understand infrastructure protection, enabling us to work effectively. Brosnan's Command Center keeps you abreast of evolving information as it unfolds in real-time. Brosnan’s Emergency Response Services team can work with you to prepare for – and respond to – any emergency situation.

An Act of Terrorism

ANatural Disaster

Social Unrest

Unpredictable Crisis

Any Emergency Situation

Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Services

Brosnan’s pre-emptive emergency response plans developed for your organization take into consideration a wide range of potential needs and may include:

Protection of assets

  • Distribution centers
  • Buildings
  • Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Technology

Command Posts and Incident Brosnan Command Centers

The 24/7 Brosnan® Command Center is located in New York and is an integral part of the Brosnan® Smart Security Solution.  One central element of this best-in-class Command, Control, Communication and Coordination business hub is the provision of situational awareness to over 1400 security professionals in 27 states. Brosnan® technicians collect, analyze and disseminate data, from numerous sources, to our “boots on the ground.” The swift dissemination of actionable intelligence enables the security officers to make smarter decisions, and to make those decisions faster.

Site Assessments

Brosnan assesses threats and vulnerabilities applicable to your organization, identifies potential hazards, analyzes what could happen if a hazard occurs and delivers specialized solutions that mitigate security threats.

Armed and Unarmed Services

Brosnan's ability to get "boots on the ground" rapidly and effectively allows us to manage crisis situations whenever and wherever they occur.

Executive Protection

Brosnan's Executive Protection provides expert, discreet protection for those with an elevated security risk. We maximize security to those under our protection by delivering and incorporating rapid agent deployment worldwide, 24/7; advance preparations and planning; real-time intel from a wide variety of global resources and liaison with local authorities

Evacuation Services for Employees and Their Families

Brosnan helps prepare disaster management plans and execute disaster recovery solutions for all kinds of catastrophes. Our services can protect company assets and employees nearly anywhere in the world.

Escort Services for Transportation of Your Goods or Supplies

Brosnan's global resources allows us to execute disaster recovery solutions for all kinds of catastrophes.

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Background Screening
At Brosnan® we focus on helping our clients mitigate potential risks before they enter a business relationship, fund an investment, retain a foreign agent, hire an executive, elect a board member or need to better understand a pre-existing relationship – simply put, we separate fact from fiction.

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