What to Do When Facing a Life-Threatening Emergency at a Public Event: Security Experts

Following the devastating Manchester Arena bombing, which killed 22 people and injured 119 others, security experts are sharing their advice on what event goers should do in case of emergency. “For any concert, whether it’s indoor or out, I always recommend that you maintain what we call situational awareness,” Patrick Brosnan, former NYPD detective and founder of Brosnan Risk Consultants LTD, tells PEOPLE. “Situational awareness is a combination of common sense and growing eyes in the back of your head,” explains Brosnan. “You know what’s going on around you, you’re cognizant and aware of your surroundings and you behave accordingly.” And “if you see something that’s suspicious” like a suspicious package, Brosnan suggests “that you vacate that area and locate the authorities.” Then, “you advise them or you advise management — and let the professionals handle it from there,” says Brosnan. “Law enforcement only has a finite amount of eyes, so if they enlist the eyes and ears of all the civilians in these venues, they can gather intelligence to make better decisions and make them faster.”   Read More Here!

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