Sante Fe High School Shooting: Why Background Checks Aren’t the Answer

Sante Fe High School Shooting: Why Background Checks Aren't the Answer

Pat Brosnan Responds to Santa Fe High School Shooting

Pat Brosnan weighs in on Fox News with Neil Cavuto and states that more aggressive background checks are not the solution to gun control in the wake of Friday's deadly shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. "I think it's empty rhetoric. It's false narrative. It's posturing," Brosnan said. "The fact is that more background checks, more aggressive vetting with gun control is not the answer. It never has been." "If not one more gun was manufactured today, Neil, at 10:15 on the 19th, there'd still be 300 million to deal with... The answer is in technology. The answer is in training. The answer is in a school resource officer who has a weapon." For more information:  

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