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March 28, 2019
‘He’s Going Into the Federal Nightmare Zone’: Retired NYPD Cop Breaks Down Smollett Case
November 20, 2018
Fox News Pat Brosnan Hit
November 20, 2018
Fox News Pat Brosnan Hit
November 20, 2018
Fox News Pat Brosnan Hit
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Why Brosnan Risk?
Brosnan Command Center (BCC)
Our industry-leading command center leverages state-of-the-art technologies including: first responder frequency monitoring, social media monitoring... more
Law Enforcement Network
We have an extremely broad, nation-wide network of law enforcement contacts that provide real-time intelligence... more
Robust Supervision and Training
Our training and compliance program far exceeds industry standards, and our supervisors frequently and randomly visit our sites to meet with guards... more
Comprehensive Risk Management
Our local security teams are supported by a network of strategic partners with deep ties to local law enforcement... more
Rapid Access to Executive Leadership
Our senior leadership redefines all the positive aspects of micro-management and respond in a "New York Minute"... more
Professionalism and Deterrence
Our Smart Security Solutions provide 24/7 actionable intelligence to our "boots on the ground" providing unprecedented situational awareness... more
Results and Metrics Driven
We measure and monitor the metrics that matter most to our clients' risk management programs. We identify and develop key performance indicators to help to drive down the number of incidents... more
Mobile Patrol Units
Brosnan® provides customized SmartTrucks that redefine aggressive mobile patrols and are directly wired into the 24/7 Brosnan Operations Center for unprecedented deterrent value... more
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What we do
Brosnan® protects your people, property and assets by understanding and mitigating risk. We offer a suite of products and services — including security professionals, risk consulting and investigations, background screening, security software and technology — that deliver innovative, essential and scalable solutions for your entire operation.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Brosnan® is committed to philanthropy and public works. CEO Patrick Brosnan, founded the Archangel Blue Foundation to provide financial and emotional support for the families and members of the NYPD shot in the line of duty.
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Brosnan Command Center
The Brosnan Command Center (BCC) develops, integrates and disseminates intelligence data to our on-site security personnel for best-in-class protection of their homes, offices, and portfolio properties. Our Video Synopsis software allows us to instantly extract actionable information from video, pinpointing threats in seconds.
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People, Equipment and Services for Your Organization’s Security Needs