Brosnan Risk Consultants

New York City Office
New York City Office
295 Madison Avenue
47th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Brosnan Risk Consultants is a security services and risk consultation provider to a global network of clients. Headquartered in Manhattan and aligned with strategic partners in all fifty states, Brosnan is structured to provide top-tier security and investigative services cost effectively in a wide range of sectors. Brosnan has extensive experience in providing professional security services for commercial buildings, residential properties, banks, construction sites, warehouses, power plants, retail stores and schools in the tri-state area. Brosnan’s senior management team has over 200 years in law enforcement experience.

Brosnan’s Executive Protection team has vast law enforcement experience both nationally and internationally. The firm maintains strategic relationships with high-end peer firms in Africa, Eastern Europe, Jordan, Iraq, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. From assessment to implementation, Brosnan’s Executive Protection teams seamlessly integrate protective services with a proactive and tiered approach that assesses threats, devises answers, and ensures operational continuity. We can assure the safety of our principals whether in New York City or Moscow. Brosnan’s global reach guarantees seamless protection and ensures safety at home, in the workplace, and abroad.

Brosnan’s investigative resources are structured to help clients overcome a variety of challenges by offering a wide range of corporate advisory services including litigation support, background screening, corporate due diligence, data recovery and business intelligence.

Brosnan’s investigative staff are drawn from diverse disciplines and include investigative attorneys, forensic auditors, veteran detectives, loss-prevention specialists, and professional analysts. We are expert fact-finders. Our core competencies include compiling and analyzing large volumes of data, identifying and interviewing individuals with pertinent knowledge of the facts, and efficiently obtaining open source and public record information throughout the world. Our legal, financial, and business experience overlays our investigative experience and fact-finding skills to produce relevant and cost- effective results.

Brosnan Risk Consultants is committed to working – owner leadership and our resources draw from decades of combined experience. Together our offerings provide at-risk companies a transparent, seamless and fiscally prudent solution to all of their protection requirements.

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